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How Emotional Support Animals Can Help Seniors

Online Course

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Dr. Roberto Jimenez 

A Licensed Mental Health Provider, a Health Coach & a Professional Member of the Animal Behavior Society


This is a text-only, non-interactive, self-study CE Course. Participants can take it from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Certificate will be provided

How Emotional Support Animals Can Help Seniors?


Emotional support animals (ESAs) serve meaningful functions to their owners. Currently, licensed mental health practitioners acknowledge the advantages of ESAs in the treatment of mental illness (McMichael & Singletary, 2021). Dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles all qualify as ESAs. The company of an ESA has a therapeutic impact on its owner. Individuals with mental health deterioration or psychiatric disease are comforted by the animal. Mental health specialists have observed significant improvements in people with mental illness after receiving emotional support from an animal. According to recent research, animals, particularly dogs, assist people in triggering neurotransmitters that promote happiness (McMichael & Singletary, 2021).

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