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Boy with Dog

Psychiatric Service Dog

Train your own dog to

become a qualified Psychiatric Service Dog

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The psychiatric service dog is one of the types of service animals that share certain legal rights. Psychiatric Service Dogs are service dogs that specifically help with psychological conditions, including mental health disorders and conditions that impact functioning such as stress and anxiety. Psychiatric Service Dogs have special training protocol, allowing them to serve people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities. Psychiatric Service Dogs are generally trained for specific mental health conditions, rather than broadly trained to cover all potential mental health conditions.  If you also need a PSD Rx Letter covering housing & travel, please visit us at and book your initial appointment with Dr. Jimenez.

Enjoy the training!

Psychiatric Service Dog
Self Paced Online Mini Training

By a certified dog trainer, a mental health professional & our very own doctor Roberto Jimenez,  
A Licensed FAMILY THERAPIST, a Health Coach & a Professional Member of the Animal Behavior Society

Duration: 1.5 Hour 
The Cost: $145
A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course.

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