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PRE-marital audio COURSE

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After more than a decade of helping people in therapy, I have come to see that certain things work better than others. Clinical research on what makes counseling successful is clear: The therapeutic relationship (my relationship with you and your partner or family) is a key ingredient. In the spirit of Carl Rogers, the founder of Person-Centered Counseling, I approach every encounter with genuineness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard for my clients. I am here to collaboratively help you improve your life, not judge, criticize, or disempower you. 


In Florida, couples are required to take a four-hour premarital education course or wait three days for the marriage license to be effective. The course providers need to be registered with the county clerk prior to providing the marriage preparation. We are authorized in All 67 Florida Counties. Certificate available instantly upon completion of our audio course.

Some counties have us listed by, "Dr. Roberto Jimenez" and some as "RJIMENEZ COUNSELING".

Dr. Jimenez has been proudly preparing couples for marriage since 1999.

You will be able to print your certificate immediately after completion of the course. 

Your love story guided with our premarital audio course.


Cost: $15.99

RJimenez Counseling submitted applications as a Pre-Marital Course Provider in all 67 counties in Florida. 

It’s ultimate the responsibility of the clients to check with the courts that they will accept our certificates.  

Our Premarital audio Course Certificate will get you:  

- A discount on your marriage license!
- You don’t have to wait and will be able to skip the three days. 
- The course is available in English. 
- You can complete the course using your phone, your tablet or your desktop.  
- There are no tests or quizzes, just information, tools and resources. 
- You will have instant access to Dr. Roberto Jimenez, a relationship expert in Florida. 
- And most importantly, you will have a stronger relationship and a happy marriage.


  • After registration, please ensure you played and listened to all the material.  This is important as the program will not send you a certificate if you have not listened to all the content. You can play all episodes from Spotify.

  • Please fill out the form posted on the next screen once you have listened to the course. You will receive the certificate of completion via email shortly.

  • On the form, please enter your email. It must be the same email address you entered at registration. 

  • If you have any technical issues with the course, please email us at 

  • We will respond during regular business hours, 9am -5pm, Monday to Friday.  

Enjoy the course and Congratulations! 

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